Crisp, Geometric Kitchen

This angular kitchen was originally an awkward space that felt full of mistakes, yet we saw an opportunity to create a true chef’s kitchen with geometric design elements that playfully highlight its uniqueness. The previous layout lacked sufficient pantry storage and countertops; the double ovens were too narrow to fit a Thanksgiving turkey; the refrigerator and range were both modest in size; the angled cabinets by the hallway door blocked traffic flow; the island lacked seating; and the soffit ceiling felt heavy and ill-fitted.

The homeowners wished to purchase a huge 4’ wide Sub-Zero refrigerator for their growing family, and they also wanted to fit a double oven, all while increasing the countertop and storage areas. To achieve all of this and more, we squared off the cabinets by the hallway door and pushed the refrigerator backward, making use of an angular dead space previously there. With these changes, we created linear spaces long enough to fit a 4’ wide double oven/range combo as well as a 4’ wide fridge, and gave the island room to expand. We increased the island's length and width and added a secondary sink station as well as seating for two. We removed the portions of ceiling soffit that were not structurally required and drew attention to the tall ceilings with a professional chimney hood and modern pendant lighting. And for a truly custom look, we transformed a basic pantry with bi-fold doors into an alcove beverage bar with gorgeous glassware storage and a bonus beverage fridge.

We chose to keep clean, crisp lines everywhere so as to let the geometry of the space shine. We mixed and matched countertop materials, pairing a concrete colored honed quartz for the perimeter with a glossy porcelain for the island and beverage bar. For the cabinetry, we selected a timeless black and white theme, leaning contemporary with a black matte finish for the island base cabinets and "thin shaker" door profile for the perimeter. The warm touch of cherry wood gives the space an inviting feel, and ties it together with the white oak flooring and with the adjoining family room. For the finishing touch, we played off the kitchen's angular floor plan by choosing a unique rhomboid backsplash.

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