About Us

Lindsey created SpaceWise Designs to help Bay Area families experience an improved quality of life. She witnessed again and again how having a beautiful and functional kitchen can inspire families to cook healthy meals together, how renovating a master bathroom/closet can make it easier to relax and unwind after a hard day at work, and even how optimizing a garage floorplan can make hobbies suddenly more accessible and fun.

At her core, Lindsey is a problem solver, and thus SpaceWise Designs is a goal-oriented design firm that draws on Lindsey’s uniquely varied experiences. She has a non-traditional background, with a masters degree in Astrophysics and over a decade of experience successfully leading large technology teams at Apple. Her approach to design is at once detailed and strategic, and always rooted in practicality. She has deep empathy for her clients, and she prides herself on being flexible, organized, committed, and clear.